Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today you get a double post! Aren't you the lucky one?

Here's some photos of Hayley and myself, as well as my friend Paul and my new friend Isadora! Zoe, the photographer, is so talented! Learn more about her, Isadora, and Sarah at !

Also, the Alice themed party at Eastside Lounge was hosted by Sorry Darlin'. So seriously, go check them out!!

Love is a fantastic outfit!

Sometimes even I get lucky!

Great news! Turns out, the place I'm moving to just HAPPENS to have a pet fold-up pen JUST LIKE my photo! And I can use it! How perfect! Since my luck seems to go well with this blog, let's try again!

I want this. =) Clothes rack! I always seem to have more clothes than space, and this is just so pretty!

More birthday party details! Hints: Tea, sushi, and karaoke!

(I know, I promised Eastside Lounge pictures. Next time, I promise!)

Love is Luck

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Omgosh! Time, where did you go?!

It's already been a month, OVER a month, since I updated! Sorry about that, Eclectic Lovers, life has been crazy. =) Trying to find a second job, moving, getting my car in my name (Yay!), just so many crazy, crazy things! Also, my birthday is coming up next month....want to see what amazingly, wondrous things I want for my birthday?

You'll be surprised!

More Birthday Wants and Needs to come, but here's my top wish!

Also, next post will be some pics of my friend Hayley and I dressed as Alice and the Red Queen for an event at ESL (Eastside Lounge). Look for it!

Love is Crazy