Friday, April 30, 2010

Shirt happiness!

I want this shirt!!! Isn't it awesome?! OMGosh....sooo cute....<3 <3 <3

Love is Flying a Kite! (Or in this case, a TON of balloons! UP, anyone?)

Friday, April 23, 2010

My birthday was so much fun!! I had a tea party, then we went to RuSans for some sushi and FREE sake, then to karaoke where we rocked out HARD!

The tea party was so amazing! Everyone really chipped in and helped me put it all together, isn't it beautiful?!

Sushi was amazing! So many people came to celebrate my birthday! ^_^ And my friend Setsuko-san from my Joli Kobe days was there! She really hooked us up. I had such a great dinner!

And of course, the karaoke at Karaoke Melody! We sang so much my throat hurt for days. We were also a bit tipsy, so that might have something to do with how passionate we are here. It was so much fun, NONE of us can wait to go back!

=) Love is Friendship!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday Prep!

Guess what? My birthday is this Sunday!! I'm so excited! I have a whole day of events planned, and I cannot wait!

Starting at noon, Fancy Tea will begin! Frilly skirts, piping hot tea, yummy finger sandwiches, and delicious petit fours await! (Maybe some "surprise" cupcakes from some friends!) Just a few wonderful tea-themed things! (Maybe Alice in Wonderland? Maybe!)

Next is RuSans! That's right, what Dani Birthday Party would be complete without SUSHI?! At 5pm sharp dinner will begin! A nice, early dinner to prepare ourselves for...

Karaoke! Yes indeed, singing, sushi, tea...what more could a lil' Dani ask for? Karaoke Melody, maybe a hint of alcohol, some takoyaki for dessert (Don't judge me).

Sounds like a wonderful party, yes? I absolutely can't wait!!!

For the tea, there might also be sidewalk chalk fun, as well as kite flying! I might bust out my bike and ride around in my pretty clothes.

Love is Birthdays!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today you get a double post! Aren't you the lucky one?

Here's some photos of Hayley and myself, as well as my friend Paul and my new friend Isadora! Zoe, the photographer, is so talented! Learn more about her, Isadora, and Sarah at !

Also, the Alice themed party at Eastside Lounge was hosted by Sorry Darlin'. So seriously, go check them out!!

Love is a fantastic outfit!

Sometimes even I get lucky!

Great news! Turns out, the place I'm moving to just HAPPENS to have a pet fold-up pen JUST LIKE my photo! And I can use it! How perfect! Since my luck seems to go well with this blog, let's try again!

I want this. =) Clothes rack! I always seem to have more clothes than space, and this is just so pretty!

More birthday party details! Hints: Tea, sushi, and karaoke!

(I know, I promised Eastside Lounge pictures. Next time, I promise!)

Love is Luck

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Omgosh! Time, where did you go?!

It's already been a month, OVER a month, since I updated! Sorry about that, Eclectic Lovers, life has been crazy. =) Trying to find a second job, moving, getting my car in my name (Yay!), just so many crazy, crazy things! Also, my birthday is coming up next month....want to see what amazingly, wondrous things I want for my birthday?

You'll be surprised!

More Birthday Wants and Needs to come, but here's my top wish!

Also, next post will be some pics of my friend Hayley and I dressed as Alice and the Red Queen for an event at ESL (Eastside Lounge). Look for it!

Love is Crazy

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair fun

I really want to change my hair.

THIS is what I want to do!!! Isn't it awesome?!

I wish I had more skill with hair...*le sigh* Oh well.

Maybe I can get some help and make my hair look like this. I wish I wish I wish!!!!
<3 <3

Love is change! <3

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Panty Power!

This is my friend Hayley Chapman's latest creation!

Panty Power!!

She made it for an art show entitled "Not You" held at Mint. Isn't it awesome?! I love her work!! ^_^ A cute 8 year old girl bought it with her own money, how adorable is that?!

I couldn't help but gush about how awesome Hayley's art is. Or how awesome she is as a person anyway. =) My soulmate!

Also...kind of obsessed about The Fresh Beat Band. Don't ask.

Love is art! <3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The trumpet, she's aliiiiiiiive!

So, I finally got the trumpet to play! Now I'm studying and learning this piece.

"Everybody Wants To Be a Cat" Because, you know, a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at! ^_~

Still reading out loud to Suger. ^_^ I certainly hope she's enjoying it!

Love is Improvement <3 (Musical and intellectual)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh to read, what joy it brings

Quick update: I got a hold of a trumpet, but one of the valves is seriously stuck. Working on it, however.

Now, I have started a new venture. I will begin (Once I acquire a proper laptop and download Audacity(?) I will begin recording and uploading my own voiced books. DaniBooks.

First in the series of DaniBooks shall be Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which I am currently reading out loud to my little monster, Suger.

Also possible venture into co-working with some aspiring writers, and will voice their written stories. =) What do you think?

Love is Reading Out Loud <3

Monday, January 11, 2010

Love is Music

I really want to re-learn how to play the trumpet.

I used to know how to play back in middle school...but I've lost my trumpet since.

It would cost at LEAST 100 dollars to buy a new one! So expensive!

Oh well, to love is to dream, eh?

Love is Music (and dreams) <3

O' the Pretty Things...

I want a new laptop.

To afford said laptop, I am going in early today to fill out paperwork for my new job! Yay! =)

Also I have an interview in the Lenox area for another job, wish me luck! If I get both of them, I will be able to afford my new lappy in no time!

Also maybe I can finally move out into my own apartment! Atlanta, here I come!

Love is Independence <3

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love is Aprons

Etsy, why must you do this to me?

Have the cutest earrings, the most adorable necklaces.

Even some amazing scarves and wallets, rings, purses...but...

These oh-so-adorable aprons?! They're killing me! ;_; <3<3

Love is Aprons <3

Loving Linkage

How I want theee...

Is this not the most adorable dress ever?

*le sigh* Oh, to own you, pretty pretty dress...

Love is Eclectic <3
(And owls)


Let's see how well I can keep up with this blog, eh?

Might I suggest you check out my old, old old blog

You can find clips from when I interned with The Regular Guys! (Man, I miss those days!)

^_^ Anyway, greetings!

Love is Eclectic <3