Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday Prep!

Guess what? My birthday is this Sunday!! I'm so excited! I have a whole day of events planned, and I cannot wait!

Starting at noon, Fancy Tea will begin! Frilly skirts, piping hot tea, yummy finger sandwiches, and delicious petit fours await! (Maybe some "surprise" cupcakes from some friends!) Just a few wonderful tea-themed things! (Maybe Alice in Wonderland? Maybe!)

Next is RuSans! That's right, what Dani Birthday Party would be complete without SUSHI?! At 5pm sharp dinner will begin! A nice, early dinner to prepare ourselves for...

Karaoke! Yes indeed, singing, sushi, tea...what more could a lil' Dani ask for? Karaoke Melody, maybe a hint of alcohol, some takoyaki for dessert (Don't judge me).

Sounds like a wonderful party, yes? I absolutely can't wait!!!

For the tea, there might also be sidewalk chalk fun, as well as kite flying! I might bust out my bike and ride around in my pretty clothes.

Love is Birthdays!!!


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