Thursday, February 16, 2012

MLP @ Toy Fair 2012!

Is that a Nightmare Moon?! A *white* Celestia?!?! ZECORA?!
TRIXIE?!?! *heart flutters* The NY Toy Fair 2012 is killing me! I can't wait for these toys to come out! I'll go broke!!!
Here's a better shot of Nightmare Moon. IHOGhoidghsoighsoghdsoghogd! Also:
Starting in March McDonalds is getting all new MLP:FiM toys!! =D Squuuueeeee bad for you food! I know this is a lot of post in two days, but I want to start posting more in this blog. Also, I had a lot to share at once. :3 Love is EXPLOSION OF PONIES!


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